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Plusnet mobile stopped connecting

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Plusnet mobile stopped connecting

My Plusnet mobile will not connect to our Plusnet WiFi for two weeks or so now. It's not the phone as it connects to all WiFi which I have verified. My partner's phone still connects as before. What has been changed to prevent mine from working. I have done a factory reset on my phone and I cannot do it on the router because we have lost the card with this info on. How do I get a new card. Plusnet hub one router (Sagem)
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet mobile stopped connecting

Hi @Chris_1964


Sorry to hear that. Your wireless and admin password are on bottom of router if you have lost your card.

Unfortunately it is not possible to get new card as wireless and admin password are specific to router.

Alternatively you should be able to view or share password on any other device which is connected to this wireless network.