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PUK Code

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PUK Code



I recently asked for my PAC code and started a Virgin Media account due to lack of signal. However when trying to activate the virgin media SIM, the device asked me for a PUK code. This was originally an o2 phone, so I spoke to them and gave them the IMEI. They then said it was locked onto Plusnet. When I entered the PUK code on my account, it didn't work.


What should I do?

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Re: PUK Code

AFAIK  the PUK code is specific to a SIM card not the phone. Therefore to unblock the VM SIM you need a PUK from them 

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Re: PUK Code

O2 handsets are not normally locked to the O2 network. If you've successfully used the phone on a network other than O2 then its not network locked.

@MisterW is correct the PUK is related to the SIM card not the handset. If a phone is asking for a PUK, it is normally because the SIM PIN has been entered into the phone incorrectly too many times (assuming the SIM card PIN lock is on, some operators used to apply a default PIN).

Virgin Mobile should be providing you with the PUK code to unlock the SIM, they will need the SIM card serial number to generate the PUK code.

If the PUK doesn't work, I would ask Virgin for a replacement SIM card.