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No voicemail on Plusnet?? 'Conditional Call Forwarding Active'

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No voicemail on Plusnet?? 'Conditional Call Forwarding Active'


Just got a plusnet SIM for my mobile phone which was previously on EE.  On EE I had voicemail and could retrieve voicemail messages left for me.  As soon as I put the PlusNet SIM in my mobile, this changed.

Callers leave messages, and I get a notification that there is a voicemail, but when I log in to hear it the service cuts off almost immediately and it just says 'Conditional Call Forwarding Active'.  I cannot retrieve any voice messages. 

I have a 2017 Samsung Galaxy J3.

I have looked in the settings but cant find anything which could relate to voicemails or call forwarding.

Can anyone help?