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No 4g

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No 4g

I'm in a good 4G area and have been getting 4G for the last month since I joined PN, but since Monday no 4G at all? I've read several similar posts on Google they had to have a new sim sent out! any advice?

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Re: No 4g

If it was working on PlusNet before I don't see why you'd need a new SIM - but I don't know.

A couple of things to try is if you're in another area (so on a different mast) to see if works then. If you know anyone locally ask them if 4G is working.

I am just ruling out it being a fault with your local mast, or it being an account problem. 

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Re: No 4g

Check first for any problems if it's only at the one location.

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Re: No 4g

Hi @Buntz

thanks for getting in touch! 

I'm sorry to hear you're having some issues with your 4G, the first thing I'd advise would be to check your APN settings, you can find these with the following link :  

If this doesn't solve the issue drop me a message and we can go through some further trouble shooting.