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Mobile - when does month start?

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Mobile - when does month start?

Wondering at what time the billing month starts? Mine is 21st of month, but, on my latest bill, I've been charged for out of plan data on the 21st - surely, it should have reset to zero on 21st, but at what time? Data usage was in the late afternoon?? So I've ended up with quite a substantial bill, as it was counted on the previous months data?? Initially , there was an acknowledgement of error and a 2GB add-on provided to get me through month, but that appears to have been changed and I've now been billed for additional data - hence opinion of PlusNet has plummeted from glad they've acknowledged the issue to where's the number for tesco Mobile !


Any thoughts on the timing of month end?Huh

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Re: Mobile - when does month start?

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Re: Mobile - when does month start?

Hi @iainsw

I'm sorry for the confusion with your bill.

Can you drop me a private message with the below details so we can take a closer look?

+Your mobile number
+Your full name
+Your full address
+Are you the account holder?
+Your date of birth
+Last 2 digits of your bank account number
+Last 2 digits of your bank sort code

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