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Issues receiving SMS from ONE particular PlusNet Mobile Number

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Issues receiving SMS from ONE particular PlusNet Mobile Number

Approximately 1 week ago, my wife and I contacted PN CS as when she sent me a SMS, it would not be delivered to my handset.  The SMS showed as sent on her handset (but not delivered).

We sent the obligatory "3 texts sent 2 hours apart" for the network guys to investigate, and were told that it was a handset issue at my end.


Tried my PN sim in another handset (known as working) and the texts STILL didn't arrive.


I have also checked both my own handset and my wifes to ensure no number blocking is in place - It definitely isn't - as phone calls work OK all of the time.



Contacted CS again and they accepted there was an issue, but could be MY account.  We were both promptly sent new SIM cards which were activated (that would be my wifes 2nd replacement SIM - the first replacement was because she couldn't receive MMS messages), tested and found the EXACT SAME PROBLEM.


Both phone numbers were ported from Tesco Mobile (successfully, and within the normal timescales) - however my wife's replacment SIM activation took over 24 hours (it was supposed to only take a 2hr maximum) - and even then we had to force the handset to register on the network by disabling "automatically detect network" and choosing the Plusnet mobile network manually.



I can send/receive texts to other PN Mobile users, and other networks successfully with no delays/failures.  My wife can receive and sent texts to other PN Mobile and other network users successfully with no delays/failures.


As of yesterday - the situation had improved slightly (i received over 33 texts overnight that had previously not been delivered).  However today the situation has returned to its previous state.


I'm now at a point where, if we cannot get this resolved, that I will need to go back to my previous network - even if I would be paying more for less!


I would like this escalating as a priority - my wife is disabled and relies on her mobile, in case she gets in a situation where she needs to contact me and phone calls aren't always appropriate.


Kind Regards


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Issues receiving SMS from ONE particular PlusNet Mobile Number

Good afternoon haydnwalker,

I'm sorry to hear about the disruption, clearly you need to be able to rely on your messaging, and this does sound like a very specific technical issue - one we won't be able to deal with in general terms.

If you've already been in touch with us by email, I'd recommend following up with a reply there as well. That said, if you can give me a private message with your account details, we'll do our best to look into this for you. Smiley