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Very pleased with PlusNet Mobile

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Very pleased with PlusNet Mobile

We're in a bit of a notspot, and so I'm used to hanging out of windows to try and get a signal.

Consequently I didn't hold out too much hope for PN Mobile but it seemed to be worth a try.

Was getting partial signal at edge of house (bungalow) but nothing special. Then for some reason I looked at the meter while standing in the centre of the house next to the fireplace. 3 or sometime 4 bars! I can actually make mobile calls from inside my home!!!! This is unheard of. Presumably the signal is coming down the chimney Smiley

Out and about I'm getting 4g or 3g even buried deep in M&S at some outlet centre somewhere.

So, PN Mobile you have a happy customer - not sure I'll brave porting my old number over from Tesco though - let's not spoil a good thingGrin

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Re: Very pleased with PlusNet Mobile

We did this to our neighbours when we were on EE. Terrible signal in our house but got an EE signal assist. range is not far and it sits in our lounge buy the sall with our neighbours. 


Once we plugged it in they were surprised as in their lounge lots of signal but no where else, lots of confusion till we told them we had a booster!

So might be your neighbours have an EE signal booster in range?