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Failed Credit Check

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Failed Credit Check

Yesterday I attempted to sign up for a £7 per month Sim only on a rolling monthly contract. For some unknown reason I failed the credit check after the £7 initial cost had been taken from my credit card. I contacted the sales team who said the error was probably to do with my address. They attempted to sign me up but returned the same error. They said this can sometimes happen and would probably work the next time. Fail again. They suggested I should contact Experian as to why it had failed. Contacted Experian but they told me only the merchant could tell me why it had failed the credit check. I discovered my credit rating scored 999 out of 999. Called sales again who tried once more. Fail again. By now I was pretty angry that they could not explain why I had been refused. Was passed to a 'manager' who also offered no explanation. By now I had three lots of £7 taken from my credit card which I will now have to wait 3-5 days before getting a refund!! Clearly as my credit rating is good then the error must be with the Plusnet system. I fail to see why they cannot give a valid reason for the failure. Is it beyond the bounds of a system design to be able to do this? The manager then had the audacity to tell me that as I had failed three times I could not reapply for this promotion and I would have to wait 31 days before reapplying for another deal. NOT MUCH CHANCE OF ME DOING THAT!! I just hope my credit rating hasn't been affected by all this. As you can see I'm pretty angry !! Plusnet? Forget it.

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Re: Failed Credit Check

Sign up for a fee account at Noddle or Clearscore, then you can check your credit file regularly, it is always handy as lenders have been known to report incorrectly. If PN have carried out 3 searches against you, there is a possibility that other lenders will see that information when assessing you for credit. That said, for a mobile phone/ sim contract, they may not worry about it too much. Most searches stay on your file for 1 year and then drop off.