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EE coverage Vs Plusnet

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EE coverage Vs Plusnet

Hi - is it still the case Plusnet coverage is not the same as EE? These earlier posts suggest Plusnet do not have access to 800mhz network
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Re: EE coverage Vs Plusnet



To justify the budget price tag. Plusnet only offer a subset of the full EE offering.

Hence the restricted number of bands, no short code calling etc.

I fear that you only get what you pay for. 

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Re: EE coverage Vs Plusnet

To put this straight I was with Life mobile only on 3G then was transferred to PN when they took over so it's a few years and was then onto 4G

I have a good signal on EE/PN  where I live and mostly where I go and use my phone as a hotspot at the caravan with no problems  PN let you tether and at 30GB U/L Mins U/L Texts for £10 it's a bargain 

You cannot use certain things but short texts are something I personally would never use because of the costs for some codes and repeat charges for others

It's a suck it and see and only a 30day contract its well worth a try for little cost 

I also have a Three sim  back up phone and the signal is not as good as PN but have it in case the  EE goes down