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Dodgy connection?

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Dodgy connection?

Been a Plusnet customer for nearly a couple of months. Number wasn't ported in (used the one that came with it). Occasionally when people try and call it goes straight to answerphone or (in some cases) says that the number is unavailable. Text messages are delayed sometimes beyond 24 hours. Signal is OK (not brilliant) 4G, and we've got a booster which provides 3G coverage over the internet.


Other plusnet users in the same location don't have these problems. Tried all the usual taking SIM card out, power cycling phone etc.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Dodgy connection?

Sorry to hear that, matthews!

There's a number of checks to make and steps to follow to get that sorted out for you. Would you like to send me a message directly so that I can begin to take a look into your account? Alternatively, you can of course call in on 500 or use our Live Chat if you prefer.