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I have just rang customer services to cancel my mobile contract as my son lost the phone over a month ago but because I don't have the phone or have access to the iCloud email address I used to set up the account (iCloud emails can only be accessed from Apple devices which I don't have anymore) they needed extra information. I knew the answer to one of the 2 passwords but the bank account details don't match up with the details they have on file so they won't let me cancel the account.
This is a joke, I canceled the direct debit via online banking whilst I was speaking to him. I told him that if it wasn't my account then how do I have access to the direct debit to cancel it and how do I know most of the details.
He said that the account will not be canceled and that I will just keep getting marked down as missed payments.
I have seen other post in which customers have been unable to cancel their accounts. For this reason I will be advising everyone to steer clear of plus net. Shorly what they are doing is illegal.
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Re: Cancellation


You should immediately log a written complaint. 

The official complaints procedure is here



You can also use the Moneysavingexpert Martin Lewis's recommended complaints tracker to start a complaint as Plusnet allow complaints from that channel.

Resolver may be the better path to start the complaint from.


Also you should inform OFCOM that Plusnet do not comply with the General Conditions Of Entitlement (the OFCOM law book) by offering the mandatory web form for complaints from mobile users. It has been a condition of service for all mobile and ISPs since 1st October 2018.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Cancellation

Hi @Joline,


Thanks for your post.


We're sorry to hear that you've had difficulty in cancelling the aforementioned mobile contract.


If you were unable to pass security questioning, then we would not have been able to close the account as we cannot be sure that we are speaking to anyone even remotely connected with the account. As with all companies (and individuals for that matter) we are bound by GDPR 2018, which requires us to ensure that our customers data is kept secure.


With regards the direct debit - we don't receive an instant notification when it is cancelled, meaning that you cancelling it whilst on the phone unfortunately does not confirm that you are the account holder and authorised to cancel the account.


We're sincerely sorry for any inconvenience caused, however, we aim to ensure that our customers sensitive personal information is kept secure and on this occasion, as you have said, we couldn't be sure of that.


Please don't hesitate to get back in touch if you need any further information.

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Re: Cancellation

@SpendLessTime, please feel free to continue to recommend that customers complain via other channels but I'd like to just correct you that whilst we accept complaints via resolver we won't reply by it.


Complaints received in this manner will be picked up outside of resolver and replied to by the same people as any other complaint we receive, and as such it has zero additional value over and above our own complaints process. 

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