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I’ve been calling/chatting online for the past few days! Each time it hasn’t been logged- or made aware I want to leave!
My contract ended in April.may this year yet your still taking my money out of my account. When I spoke to someone they said I had £10 on the fee to cancel now- in the space of two days it’s gone up to £64!!! I was more than happy to pay the £10 but the chat went as I hadn’t passed security as it wasn’t set up. And he refused to do anything until it was. I was with life mobile and I cancelled through them- however as plus net took it over and havnt obviously liaised with all the information! But where was my agreement to still continue to have my contract with plusnet? I have never received anything until about a week ago saying I owed you money! All I want to do is cancel! The communication has been appalling yet on the site it says award winning customer service?.... more like shocking! Money scam! And no one helpful to resolve the issue (s) that has occurred!
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Re: Cancellation

Hi Zuz92,

Thanks for getting in touch! I sincerely apologise for the experience you have received so far, and can assure you that this is not to our usual high expected standard.

I can confirm that all our customers received notification in November 2016 when we changed from Life to Plusnet, and all customers were informed that their accounts would now continue under Plusnet, unless requested to cancel.

This does not , however, explain why your account has not been correctly closed down if you cancelled in April/May, and does not explain the bad experiences since.

I would like to resolve this for you, so will need to access your account. I cannot advise on anything account-specific over public platform, so would request you send me a private message so that I can chase this up for you.


 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team