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10% Price increase

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10% Price increase

Just noticed that my payments have gone from £8 to £8.80 this month.
Wondered if it was a account mistake or have I missed a notification of the increase.
As I only use a small amount of my allowed 3.5gb of data and less than 2 hours of the unlimited phone calls and very few texts it is getting expensive.  I just keep it unlimited for when I am holiday but using my alternative giffgaff account and buying their goodybags when required would be cheaper. But like having 2 network coverage

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Re: 10% Price increase

No price increase that I'm aware of - more likely you have been billed for non-inclusive calls or texts.

You should be able to view details of both calls and texts made by logging in to your mobile account.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 10% Price increase

Hey @jorvikmik,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

As @JayG mentions I would suggest taking a look over your invoice incase there is any additional charges for:


- Extra data

- Call charges

- MMS/SMS charges


If you require any further assistance, please let us know.

Thank you.