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No IPV4 today

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No IPV4 today

I had to switch to IPV4 (see ticket # 50504139 - disconnects blamed on IPV6) and today switched back to IPV6, on doing so I had the strangest experience (see attached screenshot), I had no IPV4 internet, although I could ping and nslookup IPV4 addresses I couldn't access them via the browser.  A reboot of the router seems to have fixed it but I consider it odd behaviour.
In relation to the ticket referenced above, I can't really configure much of the IPV6 settings so could it be to blame for throwing me out of SWTOR when I was about to roll the imp's and get my weekly done?  I used two routers (582n/877w) and was still getting disconnections no matter which router, switching to IPV4 on the 582n gave a stable line for over a day.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No IPV4 today

That is odd, I'll highlight it to Dave and see what he says Smiley