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home phone

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Registered: ‎12-01-2014

home phone

My plusnet landline has stopped working. 
Lets hope no-one else has to say that! The customer service is atrocious for a start. Raise a ticket? 41 hours for a reply when i raised a ticket.
I am a pensioner and have no mobile phone,we live in the country and so no neighbours nearby. so ringing plusnet is a no.
I get a reply to my ticket and an engineer wont be out all this coming week,not until saturday!! Time i get my lifeline,ooops sorry,landline back i will have been without phone for ten days! What if me or my wife need to call an ambulance or other similar emergency? No chance with plusnet.
As soon as its fixed i am moving back to BT. I know plusnet is a BT company but even they could fix my problem quicker than plusnet.
Thanks plusnet........for nothing.
Thinking of changing? DON'T.
The lady(Kay) i spoke to on the phone was brilliant though, i dont envy her job
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Re: home phone

Thanks for the warning