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Telephone scammers

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Telephone scammers

Be aware, today I received five calls from 0013252551590 purporting to be from Talktalk.The caller rang off when challenged as to why an Indian sounding voice from Talktalk might be calling me from a Texas number.I did not divulge any personal info nor that concerning my telecomms setup.I wonder if this might be part of the aftermath from Talktalk in 2015?

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Re: Telephone scammers

Thanks for the heads up.

Yes, that is a number I recognise from my answer phone.

I have never had a TalkTalk connection so where they got my number is a mystery.


Companies and organisations, legitimate or illegitimate use the net to scour for telephone numbers sent in emails, instant messaging and recently even on Facebook. Once they have your number, you are a target. Be careful with your number, everyone wants it these days, be it Marks & Spencer or other line stores and companies.

I never give mine out, especially my email address if at all possible. For instance, the Yahoo leak was 1Bn customers, the data amounts were colossal.

About the only way to stop them calling, is by ignoring them. They give up after a few weeks unless they pass your number onto another organisation, I find that being abusive is not a solution here, as your number will be circulated even more just out of spite, so just hang up.

Yes you did the right thing.

But remember this; a question about "where did you get that information from?" is always a deal-breaker for a scammer. You have a right to know, its Data Protection Act stuff. So, if they wont tell you, just hang up.

Stay on your toes and stay informed, because strangers on phones and on the net are always out to rip us off.