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Quiet Line

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Quiet Line

Over the last few months our landline (PAnasonic Wireless Phones) have been getting Quieter.

Today it reached a near impossible level so tried the website's line test, after a while got "oops, a problems has occured"

Does anyone know of a 2 phone wireless set that has a recent amount of audio gain, the Panasonic kxt6513em only seems to offer 4 steps, from nearly silent to very quiet

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Re: Quiet Line


How do you quantify a reasonable amount of gain? Why not get a phone with a hands free mode, that should be loud enough. I recommend BT phones with the TrueCall feature as they stop all spam callers getting through,

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Re: Quiet Line

The problem could be your phone system (likely the base unit if the problem is the same on each handset), or it could be deterioration of the line. Or even an exchange fault.

I think I'd be inclined to try your cordless system on a friend's or neighbour's line, and vice versa their phone on your line, before making a possibly unnecessary purchase.

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Re: Quiet Line

Hi @dougjbarnes1,

I have tested your line but we have been unable to detect a fault. We can still raise a fault to resolve the issue but we will need to book an engineer to do so.


Before we book an engineer, we will need to make you aware of the following checks in order to try and resolve the issue and prevent any potential charges from being applied by the engineer.


To confirm these checks, Please see our video and help guide. You can see the video by clicking here.


A brief overview of these checks are as follows. First We need to find your master socket, this is often the first telephone point where the line enters your home. If you're unsure of what that looks like, we have a guide here.


When you've found it you need to make sure it's working properly, to do this we will need to do the following:


- First, unplug all other equipment from the line. Ideally, please try this from the test socket (behind the removable front plate of the master socket)
- Now take an alternate handset and plug directly into the master socket.
- Pick up your handset and see if you're still having the same problem.


If you are unable to test a second handset, you can always try your handset on another phone line to see if the issue persists.


If you have done all the above checks and the issue is still evident then we can arrange to send an engineer to you.

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Re: Quiet Line


We've done more tests and it seems to be calls from"far away", which I know is stupid

Local calls are louder than distant calls, but both are still low volume

Out master socket is in the loft, where the broadband is split out, then normal wiring extends to 3 normal phone ports.

All are about the same sound level, we no longer have a 'normal' phone only the wireless option

We're quite happy to buy a newer phone (ours is about 6 years old now) but would like some suggestions on any that offer a higher level of additional gain compared to the maximum our existing Panasonic offers.