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Phone/Internet down.

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Phone/Internet down.

My phone and internet went down yesterday evening, and thanks to a kindly neighbour allowing me to use their phone the issue has been reported.  Apparently OR were already aware of a problem affecting other local people and the fault is an underground cable.  Strangely though two other close neighbours on BT are not affected.
I have been given an anticipated date for resolving this as next Wednesday.  PN informed me that my a/c would be credited for any downtime.  I am using my local library's wifi at the moment to deal with urgent emails etc, but it means sitting outside the library in my car - not particularly convenient but better than nothing.
My main concern is that it's going to cost me quite a bit on my PAYG mobile phone - something that I use strictly for emergencies, while my landline is out of action - does anybody know if I can claim the additional expense for mobile calls?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Phone/Internet down.

Hi Sadie, we don't cover any additional call costs you might make which is why we we refund for the unused line rental for the duration of the fault instead.
We appreciate that being without a line may lead to extra costs in that area though.
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