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Open Support Questions - updating & responses

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Open Support Questions - updating & responses

Does anyone know how open support questions are monitored as you add further information?
In brief - no phone line from Friday 22nd Aug, raised a question that day on line with a response the following Monday that there was a BT fault which should be fixed by Thursday 28th. Line restored on Friday 29th but very noisy all weekend and CLI not working, which I reported by adding to the original question on Saturday but had no response to that. Added again to the same question yesterday (Monday 1st Sept) as the line got noisier during the day and then stopped working again - still no response to my updated question even after that. Line still not working today - no dial tone, just goes straight to '1571' (tested with two phones).
Just odd that I'm getting no response from PlusNet to my online updates to the original question. Am I supposed to raise a new question each time?
Broadband remained connected most of the time with a few drop-outs although downloading only at approx. 26MBs rather than the usual 45MBs.
Thanks, Gary.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Open Support Questions - updating & responses

Hi gary396,
Sorry for the delay and the issues you're having with your phone line. I can see that this has now been dealt with on Ticket: 90464098 and the engineer is booked for 04/09/2014 between 8AM and 1PM.