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I keep getting emails saying my home phone order is cancelled. I have spoken once to customer services, who said it was my supplier, I have reconfirmed to them my desire to change. I have just received another email saying the phone service order has been cancelled. I have waited 40 mins once tonight to speak to customer services, and now it says I must wait another 30 minutes which I cant do. I have submitted at ticket but that says 36 hours for a response. Is there now ay to get to sort this. I am trying to give you business !!!!
This is on my second account with PlusNet midassolutions2
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Help

Hi g3uiss,
We want your business and are trying to take it! Unfortunately your previous phone provider appear to be denying us (and you). I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to stop them cancelling it, it's an ofcom regulation I believe that the losing provider can cancel an outbound phone line transfer if it's been requested they do so by the customer.
Hopefully they'll leave the third order alone, fingers crossed.