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Faulty line

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Faulty line

yesterday, I was unable to make or receive a call. There was no dialling tone, the only thing I could here down the line was a screeching noise. The dialling tone is back and we have managed to make a couple of calls. But we still can't receive calls. Anyone who phones our number gets connected but the call cuts abruptly after the first ring. Our phone doesn't ring either. I have used my mobile phone and work phone to call my landline and I experienced a similar problem. I reported the problem via the help line yesterday; I've got a response to acknowledge my report. How soon can this problem be rectified? I need my phone to receive calls.  Cry
I do not think the problem lies with our phone. I replaced it with an analogue phone and that did not help.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Faulty line

Hi there and sorry to hear about the issue. I've just performed a line test which shows that a potential loop fault has been identified within your premises.
Before we proceed with reporting that I'd like to be able to test your line with everything unplugged. The easiest way to deal with this is if I can give you a call during the daytime, is there a mobile number I can call you on so we can get the test done and book an appointment if the fault is still an issue? Drop me  a PM if that's the case.
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 Adam Walker
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