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Complaint still not resolved

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Complaint still not resolved

I have had problems with significant noise on my phone line for several weeks. I have been told 3 times now that the problem has been resolved but it has not. This includes a BT Openreach engineer visiting the exterior of my property last week and subsequently receiving a text saying the problem had been dealt with but the problem if anything is worse. I am now working from home which entails phone consultations with cancer patients, I cannot hear half of what they are saying as there is so much interference on the line. This also affects my internet connection so I am dropping out of online meetings regularly.

I have followed all of the trouble shooting tips, I have even purchased a new landline phone as someone from your technical support suggested it might be that - but £40 down on a new phone nothing has changed. 

I now can't speak to anyone on the phone as the Plusnet customer services lines are not operating and the chat support is not either, this is soooooo unhelpful. What next?

Thank you.


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Re: Complaint still not resolved

Thanks for your post @NickyR and apologies for the delayed response. 

I'm sorry for the issues with your phone line. I tried to call you just now to discuss booking another engineer to investigate further, but there was no answer. Could you reply to this post with when you would be free for a call?

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