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PS4 and Xbox One suddenly 'NAT Type Failed'

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PS4 and Xbox One suddenly 'NAT Type Failed'

Hello everyone - have recently had quite a bit of an issue regarding 'NAT Type Failed' on both my PS4 and Xbox One. I left the house on Friday night and the devices were working perfectly fine - as they have been for the past 5 years; to come back this Tuesday to discover neither device wants to connect a NAT type. 

Both devices connect to the internet and sign in to their respective services - but I am unable to game/speak to my friends online due to NAT issues. 

No settings changed on the devices or on the router (will get to that shortly) so I am at my wits end as to why the devices are not working properly on our home connection. 

I have been using the HubOne for the past few months with no issues - so have bought a third party router to see if the HubOne router was faulty all of a sudden. Sadly the new router doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. Interestingly however my devices do connect fine on my friends' wifi as well as if I mobile hotspot the devices. 

I have contacted plusnet support a lot over the past few days to see if I can get anywhere but unfortunately they are not sure what has happened. 

I have seen a thread - where a user on xbox had a similar issue to mine and it was resolved by assigning a static IP address - so was wondering if anyone or a community manager could help me out!

Thanks in advance Smiley

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Re: PS4 and Xbox One suddenly 'NAT Type Failed'

@matt_moore3098  Welcome to the forum.

I know nothing about XBoxes but if you want a static IP address then you can request this in your account, probably under add ons or something similar. There is a one off £5 charge.

Note that after the change has gone through that you need to drop your broadband connection  and reconnect to pick up the new IP address.

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Re: PS4 and Xbox One suddenly 'NAT Type Failed'

NAT Type Failed occurs when the console and the router cannot get a proper connection with each other. I was suffering from the same problem but solved it with little hack was useful but I just got a new modem or router or wifi booster and connected it to the ROuter. Also, many blogs say that It has to do with Ps4 proxy or Ports not opening so you might want to look into that as well. You might want to open the Ps4 proxy ports of Ps4 and Xbox solve the Nat type failed in Ps4  and Xbox error respectively.