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PS4 and Xbox One suddenly 'NAT Type Failed'

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PS4 and Xbox One suddenly 'NAT Type Failed'

Hello everyone - have recently had quite a bit of an issue regarding 'NAT Type Failed' on both my PS4 and Xbox One. I left the house on Friday night and the devices were working perfectly fine - as they have been for the past 5 years; to come back this Tuesday to discover neither device wants to connect a NAT type. 

Both devices connect to the internet and sign in to their respective services - but I am unable to game/speak to my friends online due to NAT issues. 

No settings changed on the devices or on the router (will get to that shortly) so I am at my wits end as to why the devices are not working properly on our home connection. 

I have been using the HubOne for the past few months with no issues - so have bought a third party router to see if the HubOne router was faulty all of a sudden. Sadly the new router doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. Interestingly however my devices do connect fine on my friends' wifi as well as if I mobile hotspot the devices. 

I have contacted plusnet support a lot over the past few days to see if I can get anywhere but unfortunately they are not sure what has happened. 

I have seen a thread - where a user on xbox had a similar issue to mine and it was resolved by assigning a static IP address - so was wondering if anyone or a community manager could help me out!

Thanks in advance Smiley

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Re: PS4 and Xbox One suddenly 'NAT Type Failed'

@matt_moore3098  Welcome to the forum.

I know nothing about XBoxes but if you want a static IP address then you can request this in your account, probably under add ons or something similar. There is a one off £5 charge.

Note that after the change has gone through that you need to drop your broadband connection  and reconnect to pick up the new IP address.