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NAT type: Strict xbox series x

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NAT type: Strict xbox series x

Hey all,

I'm probably asking something that's been asked several times before but I've looked and can't find answers and I'm about ready to smash my hub 2 with a hammer.

The story so far:

I've been accessing online gaming without issue for over a year. I recently got a backbone for remote gaming whilst on breaks at work but couldn't get my mobile to connect to my xbox. Upon further investigation I found that my xbox was reporting NAT type: Strict. I have no idea how or why this has come about. I've set up port forwarding, disabled the firewall and turned of upnp but none of these things have made any difference. I'm at my wits end, please help
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Re: NAT type: Strict xbox series x

Your NAT type is likely set to strict because of configured setting on your router or firewall. To change this, you must enable post forwarding or use a VPN service to route traffic through another server. This should help open the ports and resolve the strict NAT Type. The only difference to STRICT to OPEN is that lobbies you wont be host but it doesnt effect your game play in any sort of way. 

Also i would recommend making sure that you have toggled UPnp to ON.

Steps on how to change on xbox settings;

Head to "settings", go to "network settings or advanced settings" go to your router and enable UPnp.