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Help with Installation

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Help with Installation

I’m thinking of signing up for the 145mb fibre with PN. I’m currently with BT but I need to change as their prices are ridiculous. I know I’ll need to upgrade to the newer cables but I have an issue. I’m bedbound currently due to a chronic illness and I had covid recently which has made me bedbound. The current BT phone box and modem are in my bedroom. I don’t fancy sharing a room with an engineer while he does the work. We would prefer to have our broadband downstairs as I don’t like having it set up in the bedroom.

Will the engineer need access to my current phone line box or can he just complete the setup in the new place downstairs with a new box?

I did contact PN but they couldn’t help with this question.

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Re: Help with Installation


The Openreach engineers are pretty flexible with regards to where the fiberoptic cable comes in.

So long as they can find a convenient route from external ducting or overhead pole, and the route is within a reasonable length, they can come in downstairs. Don't forget, you'll need power sockets adjacent to the new equipment (ONT) and relocated router.

As your existing master socket will then become redundant, they probably not touch it.

NOTE: Moving to Plusnet will mean you lose your landline, so will have to use a mobile for calls, unless you subsequently subscribe to a VoIP service (digital phone line) with another provider, as Plusnet currently don't offer this.

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