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Fibre Trial Router query

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Fibre Trial Router query

I am due to have fttc installation on Fri 26th. and have received new router. Instructions recommend setting up the new router before the new modem is installed. If I do this will I be able to use the new router with my existing non fibre broadband set up and simply connect to the new modem. Any advice on this much appreciated
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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre Trial Router query

You won't be able to use the FTTC router with your existing broadband service, the reason we suggest setting it up in advance is so that you can try and connect while the engineer is still there so if there are any problems with the FTTC service the engineer can fix it on the day. They won't be able to help setup the router so just saves a bit of time to check it works OK before the engineer leaves.
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