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Very slow internet speeds

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Registered: ‎11-10-2016

Very slow internet speeds

After giving up with the slow speeds and constant disconnects I decided to get a new router and a modem to go with it. No more disconnects thankfully but I'm still getting terrible speeds on an evening. It's almost 11pm and I am getting around 8mbps when I should be getting 38. I have tried changing the channels, moving the modem and router to the closest telephone socket to the door. Nothing of that helps.


It's definately not a wireless issue as it was working pretty well earlier in the day but now on all my devices tested I am getting an average of 8 and also getting a lot of packet loss issues.


This is beyond a joke, I've only been a customer for 2 weeks and this has already begun. 

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Very slow internet speeds

I'd advise getting this reported to us as a fault at


It sounds like it's potential local congestion or similar and needs reporting.

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