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Sync Speed Dropped

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Sync Speed Dropped


Recently my line sync speed has dropped from around 32000 to 27000. There has been no change to my setup or equipment internally.

This has meant that my speed test results have dropped from a consistent 29 to fluctuating between 8 and 22. A significant drop when my max speed was pretty slow in the first place.

Please could you run some line tests to see if there is a fault?

I am plugged into the master socket and have run all tests on a wired connection.

Also, I’m a little concerned that my guaranteed speed has been changed to 24.9. When I signed up with you it was 27.4. Why is that?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Sync Speed Dropped

Hi Richard, 


I'm sorry to see this, I've picked this up for you and I'll take ownership of the issue going forward. 


I can see that the connection is dropping fairly frequently and as a result that has lowered the speeds, this is also the reason the guaranteed speed has changed as it's based on up to date line data so we'll need to get the dropping connection issue sorted to resolve the other issues you've mentioned. 


To move things forward we'll need to arrange an engineer visit with you. I've just tried calling but no one answered so I've added an update to your open ticket with more information here:



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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Sync Speed Dropped

Richard Adam


Apologies for hijacking this post  -  but your comments re Guaranteed speed dropping are "Hogwash" a min speed is agreed at the beginning of a contract - this to allow the Customer to cancel the contract without penalty if Plusnet are unable to supply the guaranteed min speed - it's not  moving target to be lowered at will by Plusnet  on basis of a deteriorating line/service 


I have a similar question in BILLING which has gone unanswered all week  - my contract says min 53.5 mb but info provided in my ACCOUNT states min 44.5mb  -  that reduction has never been discussed with or agreed by me.