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Speed slow

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Registered: ‎31-03-2021

Speed slow

Posting again as my last post got no response.


Consistently slow speeds using wired or wifi connections. I am 'guaranteed' around 60/70mbps, although this has been consistently below 30 for a few weeks now and is now below 15mbps, as shown in the attached screenshot (this is using a wired connection).


I have tried resetting the router, though the attached result is following a couple of weeks of it being constantly on to let it settle.





Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Speed slow

Hi @jroyle, thanks for getting in touch via our Community Forums and I'm sorry to hear you've been having speed issues as of recent.

I can confirm when checking over your connection from this side currently we're only seeing 23.3Mbps download reaching your router at the moment and as you've advised, this looks to fall fell below the estimates we have for your line.
Our testing from this side however, isn't currently highlighting what's behind the loss of speed we're seeing so we'd recommend first of all running through a few checks your side that will help rule out a number of internal factors that could be behind this.

I'd recommend starting with basic checks here:

And if that doesn't help the next thing would be to rule your internal wiring out by plugging the connection into your test socket which is under the faceplate of your master socket and seeing if the speed issues stop. This rules out internal wiring, face plates and extension sockets as being the cause. How to locate the test socket and set your connection into it can be found here:
Feel free to give us a nudge when in this set-up and we can re-test from this side looking for change also.

Let us know how it goes and should the speed issues persist after running through the above steps then we'll look to raise a fault regarding this.