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Plusnet warning

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Plusnet warning

I recently received an email regarding an apparent download. apparently I or someone on my network downloaded "The Mummy" which is very strange considering I own the film on amazon. I've emailed support and forwarded them proof of my ownership of the movie. will they cut off my internet? I haven't done anything. I also pointed out my complicated set up at home with 2 routers one for the kids, netflix, amazon prime and nowtv which has set bandwidth and secured with WPA2 with a hidden SSID. second router running DDWRT with AirVPN. I've checked my router logs and no one unauthorised has used it. very strange and just wanting to make sure they're not going to disconnect me for something I've not done.


Thanks in advance for any advice 

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Re: Plusnet warning


Panic ye not. Smiley

Sounds like the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme(VCAP).

This will put it into perspective -


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Re: Plusnet warning

Dont worry , i have had one of them Emails and am still here

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Re: Plusnet warning

ah, a load of rubbish then, who would even download the mummy, [-Censored-] film, disgusted i paid for that [-Censored-]. 

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