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Fibre Speed Drop (Poor Router?)

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Registered: ‎07-08-2008

Fibre Speed Drop (Poor Router?)

I've been doing regular speed tests with for a while (not religiously - but once in a while) - mid September 2020 my Asus DSL-AC86U bit the bullet (firmware update bricked it).

I ran out, grabbed any router I could find (working from home) - picked up the TP-Link Archer VR600 and hurrah, was able to get online and working again nice and quickly.

What I have observed since then (as confirmed by speed tests) - my Fibre speed has dropped from ~22Mb to ~16Mb, sometimes it peaks at around ~17Mb but rarely seems to go higher than this.

The line itself is quite long, so I'm sadly never going to get close to the ~36Mb I'd like but that can't be helped.
I've run line tests, and they came back OK - I checked the phone line itself for noise - all good.
I replaced the microfilter as well.

None of this has changed anything. I managed to borrow an old Asus DSL-N66U - to see if this makes any difference, but I guess what I'm asking is - is there *anything* I can do to sort out my speeds?

I'm in the market for a new router anyway as the TP-Link seems very basic (but I was desperate at the time) and I'd like something more along the lines of my old Asus (DSL-AC86U) but if anyone has any recommendations, I'd be happy to consider other things - but the priority for me is to try and regain some of the speed that's been lost over time.

My BT IP profile suggests I should be getting ~17Mb, I can't see my PN IP profile any more but I guess it'd be the same.
I apologise if this is a 'dual' post in as much as it's asking for assistance with fibre speeds AND router advice - but as these could be related, I thought it'd be more akin to a fibre speed issue than just wanting hardware advice.

Hope you're all keeping safe out there Smiley