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Working here again since late yesterday afternoon.

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I was also affected, with connections failing from about 5am to 10am on 8th.

However, there is still a problem with missing posts on GigaNews which makes it almost unusable. See thread Missing-Usenet-posts . Please add to that thread if you detect missing posts in your newsgroups.

I also raised a problem on 15th December ... but no real response yet. Even though PN say it is a 'third party' issue, I would have hoped there was some form of contract between them with some service levels.

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@mavison the issue concerning missing/out of order articles is still open.

I have nothing to report on that front, other than the fact that our supplier are attributing it to network upgrades that are likely to take some time.

Not ideal, I know.

Bob Pullen
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Usenet is working again here but I had to reload headers before it would stop winging about "server not found".
Its now obvious that some posts were missing prior to yesterday so it does look like Giganews have a bigger problem as mentioned above. 🙂