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rDNS configuration

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rDNS configuration


I have paid for a fixed IP. On the Fixed ip page in the account management. it states to request the rDNS change though the 'Help Assistant'.
However clicking the link to the help assistant takes you to a page that states tthat you can no longer ask a question through the help assistant. It states for online help and support to click through to the help and support section.
The help and support section seems to offer no reference to rDNS. is my only hope to try the phone number? is there not a way to do this online?



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Re: rDNS configuration

@acheeseman Welcome to the Community Forums

Your options are to either wait for a member of Plusnert staff to come along here or ring in.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: rDNS configuration

Hey there @acheeseman how are you doing? Are you having a good day?


Sorry about the delay, it's been super busy recently.


Do you want me to change the rDNS for you and if so, what to?

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