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Wordpress - A Nightmare!

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Registered: ‎01-06-2014

Wordpress - A Nightmare!

Hi All
OK, I have a domain name hosted with plus net.
I uploaded this after designing it with DW and HTML.
Everything works fine.
Now, I have downloaded WP and created, if I may say so, a very nice site on my localhost.
Everything works fine on my computer.
I have dabbled with and am completely lost with Myphp, Ftp etc.
I understand ftp and used this when upload the DW site, no problems.
Can someone help me configure and upload the new WP site so that the current domain points to it?
I've got the stage where I am willing pay for the service!
Many thanks for any advice/help
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Re: Wordpress - A Nightmare!

Well this needs a lot of care.  It is not fundamentally difficult though as long as you are systematic.
First make a backup of your WP site.  You can use the free WordPress Backup plugin to do this, it works well see 
There is a ueful WP tutorial for moving sites between domains & servers at
You will probably need to create a new sql database with Plus net as well as a folder to hold the WP files.  You can do this using an FTP client.
Once you have moved the site you should check that all the URLs are correct as per the instructions in the WP tutorial using the script designed for the purpose see Search and Replace for WordPress Databases Script at
Hop ethis helps