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Where do I upload my php files?

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Registered: ‎12-02-2011

Where do I upload my php files?

I have a plusnet cgi space and have imported some tables in phpMyAdmin etc. I just need to know where to put my php files and the url where they can be triggered. Maybe test it with a "Hello World" php.


eg: In Second Life, I've set up a bunch of balloon taxis which travel around the region I'm an estate manager on. These balloons send their location and destination to a database (currently elsewhere) so they can be read in Second Life on a map display. This set up also allows me to delete the ballons ahead of region restarts etc.

I want to move this Db to my Plusnet cgi space because the bandwidth on the current hosting site is seamingly being gobbled up by things like gamers, someone using a spambot, or someone running really bad php scripts that are looping. Either way, at certain times of the day, the communtication between the balloons and the Db is patchy.


All I want to do is upload the php files. The Db I'm running is really low bandwidth (5 - 6 strings every 10 minutes).