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What is going on with my IP geolocation?

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What is going on with my IP geolocation?

I've recently started noticing a few odd problems with some websites and services incorrectly identifying my country of origin and also a lot of websites throwing up invalid security certificate issues.   After a bit of digging, it seems to be due to my IP address geolocating to Ireland/Northern Ireland, although I live in Warwickshire in England.   I'm not using a VPN or anything, just a straight connection through my standard plusnet router. 


This started about two weeks ago. I've tried various router reboots and disconnecting it overnight, and this has at sometimes shifted my geolocation around to various places such as Holyhead on Anglesea in Wales and at time Douglas in Scotland.  I left the router disconnected overnight on the advice of Plusnet tech support, and so far this morning it seems to correctly locating to me to the Midlands, for now. 


What on earth is going on?  I wouldn't really mind, except this seems to be causing some issues with certain services, and is causing many site security certificates to become invalid for some reason. 


Hopefully it will stay resolved, but just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues?



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Re: What is going on with my IP geolocation?

Hi @Spanners

I'm sorry to see you're having issues with loading some webpages.

I've done an IP lookup on a site such as IP Location Here and it's showing the 4 IP addresses you've had over the last 10 days are all registered correctly in the UK. Our dynamic IPs are assigned from small pools specific to the exchange your services are provided by so these should all originate from your locality.

The exact location though on a geolocation database would largely be due to how often the third party databases are updated, which the websites you're trying to access are using. 

Which webpages or services were you having issues with? Have you tried contacting them? 

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Re: What is going on with my IP geolocation?

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