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Scam? (Fake?) PlusNet Customer Web Survey.

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Scam? (Fake?) PlusNet Customer Web Survey.

I have been using the Web since Mosaic arrived, so my Phishing sense is quite finely honed, but I was nearly caught out just now. After reading an item on the cancellation of the next Nvidia tablet on I received a screen purporting to be a PlusNet customer survey, with a prize (spidey senses tingling yet?) of up to £60 value at the end. Well, I was curious...

The questions were all what you would expect, nothing taxing, and certainly nothing worth that value of prize. So far it was looking reasonably genuine. Then I got to the "here's your prize" page:

Pretty certain all those prizes look pretty scammy to me! The comments look cheesier than a pound of Wensleydale. There's everything except viagra on there - I lol'ed at "build muslce". And oh look - you have to pay postage. I didn't take it any further, but I'm guessing they want my credit card details for that.

This is just a heads-up anyway, usually Ad Blocker intercepts this sort of thing, but it missed this one. Interesting that they say they aren't connected with PlusNet in the small text at the bottom - yet at the very start they said they were PlusNet. It also says it will bill you that sum every 30 days!


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Re: Scam? (Fake?) PlusNet Customer Web Survey.

Looks fake to me. My guess is that there is some sort of ISP sniffer in their survey/scam that gets back info about your ISP via your IP address. So if I got the same survey popup on a Virgin Media connection, it would say it's a Virgin Media questionaire.

That's a complete guess though.

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Re: Scam? (Fake?) PlusNet Customer Web Survey.

Hi Zad,

Thank you for contacting us through our community forums and bringing this to our attention.

I will pass this on to the relevant departments to investigate further.

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Re: Scam? (Fake?) PlusNet Customer Web Survey.

Hi Zad. I have been getting emails supposedly from ever flippen bank about my online account. I don't have an online account. On one of the heading being "dear esteemed customer"  and that alone gave it away. I had a call from the "fraud department " wanting to know my son's address because the letters they sent to him were being returned ,yeh right. I told them that I had spoken to him that day and he is still at his address. How   they knew he is my son I really don't know. I then told them I did not believe they were who they said they were and put the phone down. Thank God I had my wits about me.

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Re: Scam? (Fake?) PlusNet Customer Web Survey.

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