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SIP Traffic Allowed?

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SIP Traffic Allowed?



We have just moved to PlusNet fibre and I am interested in setting a SIP based phone system using FreePBX, this would be mostly for educational/learning reasons.

Before I start something which is going to cause me to pull my hair out needlessly - is SIP traffic blocked on PlusNet?


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Re: SIP Traffic Allowed?

@clydfan SIP traffic is not blocked.

When I work from home , I have a SIP phone connected into the company PBX.

However you do need to check that your Broadband Firewall setting is either LOW or OFF

If you are trying to host a FreePBX system behind your home router i.e behind NAT , then you will almost certainly need to request a static IP (£5 one-off charge) as you will need to configure FreePBX with your public IP.

Also, if you are using the PN supplied Hub one , I'd suggest getting a more configurable router, particularly one which allows any SIP Alg to be disabled as they are often broken and don't work correctly.

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Re: SIP Traffic Allowed?

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