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Remove my website and email

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Remove my website and email

Plusnet were until recently hosting my domain and domain emails.

  • I have taken direct ownership of my domain - it was being managed on my behalf by another company.
    • The registrar is now 123reg.
  • I have moved my website and domain emails to another host.
  • I have removed all website content from the Plusnet server apart from a single page placeholder in case someone should still find it.
    • The web size reported however has not changed although most content has been removed.
  • I have removed all my own domain mailboxes from the Plusnet mail system and deleted all mailboxes on the plusnet mail service apart from two.

These are the account mailboxes 

  • sorobansystems@
  • defaultmail@

My account references my own domain email address and so any emails addressed to my domain should reach me at my new mailbox provided Plusnet are now routing my emails to my domain and not to the aliases that were being used to access the Plusnet mailboxes that remain. My limited testing suggests that this is working correctly.

I have not found a way of achieving all or the steps below myself - I am hoping that you can help

What I now need is:

  • all account related emails from Plusnet to be sent to the, now external, email address at my new domain host
    • the email address you have registered has remained the same but is now on an external host
  • any remaining DNS records for my domain to be removed
  • my remaining website content (there should only be a placeholder page - I have removed all other content) to be deleted
  • my remaining hosted email addresses and content to be removed
  • confirmation please that all this has been done to my domain address 

This end result should be to revert my Plusnet account to be an ISP only plus telephone landline.

  • My mobile phone contract has already recently been transferred to a new provider.
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Re: Remove my website and email

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Re: Remove my website and email

It used to be easy to raise a ticket to get support on the rare occasions when I needed it! I was an experienced IT network architect for more than 30 years until I recently retired. Their ticket system used to work well but I have had far more success recently using this forum! I have even contributed some answers myself. I also know some Plusnet support staff do read this forum!

Chat does not seem to be working. It would seem that I will have to try the old fashioned telephone!

This issue of no longer having easy access to support is the main reason I have now moved my personal domain website and email away from Plusnet to an alternative host with great reluctance after being a satisfied Plusnet customer since 2003 (at least until the recent changes that are being made) and historically have recommended many users to join Plusnet.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Remove my website and email

Hey there @jcs1167957 I am sorry about how difficult it is to raise, can you send me a PM with your username please?

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 Will Cutforth
 Plusnet Help Team