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Haven't got a clue!

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Haven't got a clue!

Here's a funny story!

At the end of August I came across a Quinn engineer installing optical junctions at the end of my street. We had a chat and he informed me of what was going on. So I looked forwarded with great excitement to FTTP!

Well time has passed and we have now have new plastic scarab beetles for want of a better description on top of our poles. Yippee I hear you cry!

Just this week I notice a fiber sticking out of one, so with great excitement I check my address. Nope! WHAT! I thought so I check the street my little flat sits on. Yes! No problem, order your Ultra fast NOW! Strange I thought, so I check a couple of suppliers and sure enough my flats No😥, the street Yes😀. So I sent an enquiry to OR on their "When and Wear" page. Well the reply was quite quick. "OR will not be installing fiber for another year!"

[-Censored-]! How can an organization work in this manor! Their own system A is showing it installed, but System B is saying another year!

So, much to my disappointment I wait to see what happens, and if you live in a New City in North Wales enjoy your FTTP, because OR don't know they have installed it yet!

Regards, and Merry Christmas.



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Re: Haven't got a clue!

Sort of similar here

BT supplied fibre to our house via poles up our lane , on the way passing a farm halfway up the lane

We said to OR when they started installing that the farm would want fibre so they put the connectors on the nearest post to the farm in anticipation, great job all round!

The farm applied for fibre but were told NO!

Because we are on a different post code the system couldn't cope

A phone call to BT resulted in a very sensible person popping out and sorting the problem, they now have fibre (from the pole)

Ring them up and hope you talk to a person that cares


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Re: Haven't got a clue!

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Re: Haven't got a clue!

Hi @David_Haigh,

I'm sorry to see it's taking longer for engineers to provide you with full fibre than your neighbours. 

It's possible that there's not enough capacity in the infrastructure as it is to provide the service to everybody.

However if you check your neighbours flats, does full fibre show as available for them? 

Additionally, have you asked Openreach for more of an update by filling out the form Here?

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