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CCGI Domains Deleted !

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CCGI Domains Deleted !

I have been using the CCGI for years and my account has been migrated to the new system.
I requested another domain I owned be added (hosting only transfer) to my account so that I could setup the required CNAME and point the domain to the hosted site.
However, I was informed this would cost me £30 and the other three domains I had already on my account (hosting only transfers) were deleted from the account.
Anybody any idea why Plus Net are now trying to charge me and why the previous domains, that have worked for years, have just been deleted.
The only explanation was that I don't use Plus Net's name servers, but there is no need for me to do that, as I handle that with my registrars domain tools.
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Re: CCGI Domains Deleted !

We have never permitted the hosting of domain names where the name servers aren't ours. This has always been our policy and the domains do need removing from the Plusnet domain control system, mainly for reasons of data integrity.
Having said that, it seems that negligence on our part has allowed things to function for all of this time so I'm sure we can continue to allow your use of the CGI platform to serve websites for your domains. I'll chuck an update on the ticket you have open.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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