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2 Broadband `lines

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2 Broadband `lines

HI I'm in the process of starting up my own business working from home . I've been recommended to get business FTTP rather than use FTTC, which I currently have for my home broadband. Is it permissible to have two broadband lines running to the property? One FTTC and one FTTP line, whilst my IT service providers configures the IT infrastructure at my home.

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Re: 2 Broadband `lines

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Re: 2 Broadband `lines

Yes. Just make sure that in any order you raise you make crystal clear that it is a NEW PROVISION and all existing services are to remain untouched.


1. Plusnet no longer do business services
2. You should identify the difference between business and residential FTTP and why a business grade has been recommended
3. ONTs now only support one port - at sometime in the not too distant future you might find that the residential FTTC will be force migrated to FTTP where that is available

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Re: 2 Broadband `lines

I had a nightmare with OpenReach, I moved from ADSL to FTTP and the ADSL wasn't disconnected properly so there was still a cease remaining on the ADSL line, this seems to have affected the FTTP, it was accidentally terminated by PlusnEt and took two months to get reconnected because of the cease still on the property, even though it was on the ADSL line.


Once the ADSL line was disconnected, the cease was cleared and the FTTP connection could be reinstated.


I would advise if you want two circuits to a property, avoid one of them using anything OpenReach will touch.