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lost e mails

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lost e mails

When away from home in February I viewed e-mails on a smart phone. On return, I find there are no e-mails from just 22 Feb to 28 Feb in the inbox of my plusnet account.

Is there some way I can retrieve these? is no use as this appears set up to clear all data automatically.

Suggestions gratefully received as one of the e-mails was important.

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Re: lost e mails


A warm welcome to the forums.  Sorry that this question got missed by both staff and the usual helpful customers.

Did you get your problem resolved?  Would you know if your mailbox got archived?


Email archiving

Plusnet has two email content archiving 'events'

  1. Exceeding the Fair Usage Policy (FUP): This is invoked when the sum of the contents of all of your email boxes exceeds the 1GB FUP allowance. Users will have received warning notices for several weeks, having exceeded 75% of the FUP. After 2 warnings of having exceeded 100% of the FUP, mailboxes are archived to bring the FUP utilisation down below 100%. The act of archiving emails is recorded in the user's ticket history - see the PN tickets link below
  2. Mailbox not accessed for a while: After a period of not accessing a mailbox (it not being logged into) the contents are archived. An email is sent to that mailbox advising of the archiving action, after it has been archived. No record of the action is recorded in the ticket history

Archives are retained for 30 days. When making a request to unarchive emails, it is very helpful to inform staff which of the above archives appears to have been performed - it stops them looking for non-existent tickets!


Webmail is not "set up to clear all data automatically" - it is an IMAP client, it reads emails and leaves them on the server.  Do you have a POP3 configured client anywhere?  If you are "on the move" and access the mailbox with more than one device, they all should be configured for IMAP.  Putting POP3 in the mix, can be quite complex and could lead to the scenario you describe.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.