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Webmail Issue

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Webmail Issue

Hi Bob

Sorry about jumping on back of this post but new user - forum not easy to use when first using.

Can you tell me why my Webmail is saying something like "Service temporaryily not available".

Do you need a bigger or better server now customer numbers are goig up - I'm fed up because

I have an important email to send to a utility company.   Otherwise my machine works fine.

Regards Robert

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Re: Webmail Issue

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat) Post split to its own topic and retitled..

Windows 10 Firefox 109.0 (64-bit)
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Re: Webmail Issue

I've a couple of email addresses. One is a gmail address, the other I pay for (something like 20 quid a year). Both operate pretty well.  If someone sends me an email at one of those addresses, it usually arrives within seconds, quickly enough to maintain a discussion. When I became a Plusnet customer, I thought "Oh, another email address. I'll use it for administrative junk, like subscription confirmations".

It is an utter disaster.  If somebody sends a confirmation request to me, I'm lucky it arrives the same day, or week.  When I look back at by Plusnet email folder, it's all Plusnet stuff: messages about how much of my money they propose to help themselves to this month, Plusnet forum notifications and so on.  

I'm just now waiting for a confirm-your-registration mail for an external  forum. About an hour now. Specectacularly useless, Plusnet. Why do you bother?  Point your customers somewhere that works, and shave a few pounds off your price. You obviously can't do email.



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Re: Webmail Issue

Webmail is getting worse. Keep getting "server error" message. I can pick up messages on Outlook, but this is very frustrating.