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Slow E-mail Access

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Slow E-mail Access

I have been having trouble accessing my e-mails from the very beginning of my contract. The problem has got worse over time until today I can hardly access them at all. They will not load most of the time.

On looking through the Community Forum this is a problem that has been going on for years and PlusNet does not seemed to have been able to fix. 

Everything else about the Broadband is working fine but the E-mail problem means that PlusNet is not fit for purpose and really should not be advising people to sign up. To have a problem you have not been able to fix in over ten years and not tell people must be against Trade Descriptions.

Contacting anyone about the problem is virtually impossible.


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Re: Slow E-mail Access

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Re: Slow E-mail Access

I assume you mean webmail ?

Is this issue is slowness etc..

If so their is a thread with a possible known fix: Standard Webmail (Round Cube) slow performance mitigation in the forum, might be worth trying this and see if it fixes your issue.

Personally I never use webmail, I download all my emails to my computer. You have better control.