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SPF softfail

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Registered: ‎13-02-2014

Re: SPF softfail

OK it's working now. Must have taken time for Google's cache to update.

Thanks so much for your help.


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Re: SPF softfail

At the risk of resurrecting a somewhat old thread, is this still expected to work?  I am looking at the same warning, and it has the same IP address as reported above ( but I can't see this (now) being associated with

$ dig
... 20317 IN A 20317 IN A

The IP now appears to match something else:

$ host domain name pointer

So do you think I should include, (or maybe even lots of avasout*  I stopped counting how many there were at 6 ...)

My inclination is to use that 04 one, but my email I guess might come out of more than one point depending upon PN's routing.