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Mailwasher Pro

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Registered: ‎16-10-2012

Mailwasher Pro

Has anyone any experience in setting up mailwasher with plusnet email addresses?
I can set up the addresses OK but mailwasher repeatedly asks for the password which when entered is rejected, that is to say it keeps asking for the password
MS Outlook(2007) does much the same thing if I bypass mailwasher.
I would try the plusnet assistant but the programme will download and install but refuses to run!
I think I''m missing something obvious here but I can't see what it is
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Registered: ‎06-04-2007

Re: Mailwasher Pro

A bit late since you posted so perhaps you're sorted.
I have used MWP for yonks and find the auto set up works fine providing you clear out the old stuff first.
If that fails check your passwords with PN and send an e-mail to the MWP lads in New Zealand. You will perhaps have to do an uninstall and reinstall of MWP. They are very good and all quite painless.
Good luck.