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MS Office 365 - Verify Domain for Email Setup

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MS Office 365 - Verify Domain for Email Setup


My issue is very similar to this post: MS Office 365 -

I'm looking swap my emails from Plusnet to Microsoft exchange. To do this I need to point some MX records across, they are roughly as follows (some censoring) :


Priority:32767 or any other value not used already.

MX name: @@ or skip if not supported by provider.

MX value: ms(censored).msv1.invalid

TTL: 36003600 or your provider default.


Inferentially these details aren't updating. According to DNS MX checkers it's pointing to:


I've set the email settings as 'other'


I currently have the DNS record row set as:

Left Field: (blank)

Type: MX

Pri: 32767

Right Field: ms(censored).msv1.invalid.


Any help to get this forwarding would be greatly appreciated!! 


PS: i've posted this under email and everything else, sorry i wasn't sure which one is correct!





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Re: MS Office 365 - Verify Domain for Email Setup

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Re: MS Office 365 - Verify Domain for Email Setup

If anyone comes across this post in the future, trying to setup exchange emails with Plusnet isn't possible. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get in touch with any support at Plusnet, with the only feedback from them literally being to turn it off and on again.

Though Microsoft advised to transfer the domain away from Plusnet as their system is very old and doesn't support many of the DNS records required by a modern email system. 

This is definitely something Plusnet needs to improve on, or at least to make users more aware of.