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On face book I am being hacked 3 times a day and they often get in by getting FB to send a code to my domain thats on plus net. When I login to webmail it shows no code and nothing in the bin so either someone is logging in then delting the message and emptying the bin or something else.

Its strange as I have to login with username plus a name to get emails which would be hard to work out never mind get password. Also I have gmail pick up the emails so somone would have yo be quick or it would be gone to gmail.

Is there anyway to see who has logged into the email with IP.

If I change the password does it effect my login on the router or just email.

can I send emails I recieve to another email redirect cant be setup what about alias.

I change my FB password several times a week so its not likley they get in that way

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Logins

Thanks for getting in touch @samuria

I'm sorry to hear that this has happened.

If you were to change your password this would affect your broadband, e-mail and access to your account. If you're using one of our routers then the password will update automatically but if you're using a 3rd party router you will need to log into it and update the password in there or risk losing connection completely.

Have you also carried out a virus scan on all your devices to make sure that there are no viruses that are causing the issue


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