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Iphone 6 email set up problems

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Iphone 6 email set up problems


I am having constant problems with my email set up on my Iphone, my preferred

email client is outlook (not 365) though to be honest i would be happy to use Mail if it worked better.

Can someone indicate the currently accepted recommended account settings for Plusnet on Iphone 6 ?

I have decided to start from scratch. Most of my issues seem to be with outgoing mail.

Is Mail better than Outlook or no difference?

Thanks in advance


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Community Gaffer
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Re: Iphone 6 email set up problems

Hi there!

Can you check if you're using the email settings Here when setting up Mail on your iPhone? 

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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Iphone 6 email set up problems

Hi @jonnyfriendly 

Personally, I use the iPhone mail application which works fairly well ... but can get its knicker elastic twisted.

Exactly what happens when you go through the process?

When this fails, is the phone connecting over mobile data or over WiFi CONNECTED TO PLUSNET?


If on mobile data and the IP address assigned to you phone has been blacklisted, you WILL NOT be able to CONNECT to the SMTP server successfully.  That will manifest as a password failure, rather than a "Bad IP address reputation" failure.

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